Harley-Davidson and Sportbike

Detailing and Vinyl Wrapping

High end detailing has never had a better audience then motorcycle owners.  Customizing is a way of life and protecting those custom parts and making sure they look their best at all times is where Rehab Detailing comes in.  We take the same care and use the same state-of-the-art products on your bike that we use on exotic cars.  Whether you want to keep your Harley or Sportbike clean for seasons at a time, or you are looking for a cost-effective color change for your tins or fairings by vinyl wrapping, Rehab Detailing is excited to help!

The motorcycle detailing process isn't very different from the process our high-end cars go through.  It begins with our Aquatic Therapy swirl-free hand wash and rim cleaning.  Then we will remove as many parts as necessary to properly access areas to clean or polish.  Once the bike has been properly cleaned inside and out, then we will begin polishing the painted surfaces and chrome pieces with a combination of machine and hand polishing.  Some bikes may require a 2-stage paint correction to completely remove all swirls and restore the paint to it's proper brilliance.  Once all of the paint and chrome has been brought to it's greatest depth and luster, we can seal it with a combination of high end ceramic glass coatings that will protect all of your beautiful surfaces.  These coatings will add tremendous brilliance to your bikes apperance, they will keep it cleaner longer and most importantly, make it significantly easier to wash.

Motorcycle Detailing Packages


The Rehab Detailing swirl-free hand wash

Most Bikes $50 - $75

When you need to get your bike detailed in a hurry, this may be the perfect option.  We can get you in and out in 30-45 mintutes and your bike will be perfectly cleaned and ready for a road trip.  We are less then a mile from Southeast Harley-Davidson, so feel free to stop in for a quick detail before you go out for a ride.  Call ahead for optimum placement.



What is more Rockstar then a motorcycle!

The Rockstar Package is a comprehensive detailing package.  It combines the beauty of polishing with a lustrious and long lasting sealant.  Once we have completed this package on your bike it will look better then ever and it will maintain that appearance for considerably longer then other detailing systems, 4-5 years with proper maintenance 

Starting at $600



-Some disassembly to more thoroughly clean and polish hard-to-reach areas

-Leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned by hand

-Hand polish all chrome parts

-Combination 2-stage machine and hand polish on painted surfaces

-Coated with Ceramic Pro coating system to ensure years of protection.  Several levels of protections available including up to a lifetime warranty


Motorcycle Vinyl Wrapping

The technology of vinyl wrapping has moved forward at light speed in the last few years.  It has come to a point where vinyl has become a cost effective and desirable alternate to painting.  Wrap looks like paint!  Not only is it more durable then paint but it is available in colors, textures and styles that aren't even possible with paint.  Vinyl wrapping your bike puts a protective layer over the paint, like a giant clear bra (which we can also install).  Some bikes can be prepped and wrapped same day, but even more complicated bikes will only take a few days, much faster then paint work.  Wraps can are considered semi-permanent, they will stay installed for years, but can be removed and the bike returned back to its original finish.  The best part is that wrapping your bike in a new vinyl color is much less expensive then paint!  Give us a call for a consultation on colors and styles and then we can get you back on the road with a totally new look!