Ceramic Pro

The most complete and durable protective coating system for the automotive industry


Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic glass coating that provides long lasting protection and gloss for your vehicle. Ceramic Pro is a system of coatings that work together to offer the best of everything with no compromise. There are nearly a dozen different products that can provide protection for any vehicle and for all budgets even up to offering a lifetime warranty.

Rehab Detailing has been a Ceramic Pro Certified Installation Center since 2015. We have seen the long term effects on thousands of our customer cars and we are extremely confident in this products ability to deliver. Take a look at the video and see some of the results for yourself.

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Ceramic Pro benefits

  • Permanent Protection

  • Super Hydrophobic

  • Self Cleaning

  • Super High Gloss and Depth of Color

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance

  • Temperature Resistance

  • Anti-Graffiti

  • UV Protection

  • Hardness Above 9H (Clearcoat is 2H)


Exterior coatings

Interior coatings

  • Leather - Helps Prevent Staining, Adds Gloss

  • Plastic - Help Prevent Staining, UV damage and Scratching on Leather, adds gloss

  • Textile - Help Prevent Staining on carpet and fabrics

  • 9H - Base coat, 9H Hardness, exceptional clarity, used on paint

  • Light - Top coat, Extreme Gloss and exceptional clarity, used on paint

  • Wheel & Caliper - Thick and durable, high gloss, used on wheels

  • Sport - Sprayable maintenance coat, six month durability


Specialty Coatings

  • Strong - Very thick and durable, used on underside

  • PPF & Vinyl - Base Coat - Exceptional Hardness, Exceptional Clarity

  • PPF & Vinyl Top Coat - Top Coat - Extreme Gloss, Exceptional Clarity

  • Rain - durable layer for glass and chrome


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