Year Round Vehicle Storage

We are very excited to offer up several vehicle storage options for our existing clients. So wether you need winter only storage, year round storage or high level access storage with concierge services, we have options to meet all your needs! Just like our detailing, we go above and beyond the normal services for storage.


  • Temperature Controlled: The environment will be kept between 60-75 degrees all year

  • Environment: Walls, floors and ceilings will be finished to the same high quality as the rest of our studio

  • Battery maintenance: All vehicles will be equipped with trickle chargers to maintain the perfect charge

  • Insurance: We are currently protected up to $5 Million dollars. We will always be over insured to cover all current projects and storage vehicles

  • Tire Protection: Race Ramps Flatstoppers will be used under all cars to significantly reduce the amount of fatigue that tires can experience in storage

  • Proper Vehicle Handling: we have always provided the absolute best in care and handling for high-end exotic and luxury cars

  • Aninimity: We do not give out vehicle or client information to anyone without express permission. We take our client’s right to privacy very seriously

Storage Amenities

  • Detailing: Before and After Executive Details are included with our winter storage packages

  • Restoration and Customization: We can offer package deals for the winter that can include any amount of work that needs to be performed. This will eliminate downtime during the summer when you really want your vehicle ready to enjoy

  • Full Access: This option can allow you to access your vehicle all year with only a 24 hour notice. We will store your vehicle in an easily accessible location and make sure that it is detailed both when you take it out and after you bring it back.

  • Concierge Service: If you need your vehicle pulled from storage, detailed and delivered to you at home office or the airport, we will be happy to make the arrangements!


Winter Storage


Winter storage begins in November and goes through April. We allow drop off and pick up at any point during either of those months with a 1 week notice. This will include all features listed above under Storage Environment. Additionally, this includes a detail both on drop off and before pickup.

Year Round Storage


Year Round Storage can begin whenever you’d like and will continue until, or renew on, your anniversary month. This will include all features listed above under Storage Environment. Additionally, this includes a detail both on drop off and before pickup. During the winter months, access is still limited to November and April without the full access option.

Motorcycle Storage: Is available and will be billed at a half rate of cars. All amenities apply the same, except for the Race Ramps

Truck Storage: We will quote truck storage on a case by case basis, based largely on available space

Additional Services

Early Pickup: Nice days happen in the winter and we know you may want your toy. We will do our best to accommodate getting your car ready for you to enjoy, a 1 week notice and a $200 fee will apply. At least you get an additional detail! Early pickups in the Summer can usually be included with a quick detail, pricing may vary.

Late Pickup: We will just bill you at the monthly rate for any additional time you need until you’re ready to pick up your ride

Full Access Storage: This includes pick and drop off as you need it, please give us a 24 hour notice for pickups year round. This will include an additional detail per month as needed. This is an additional $600/Winter Season or $800/Year Round.

Concierge Services: We will offer detailing, pickup and drop off at your home, office or wherever you need your car. Starting at $150/Event. Vehicle must be in Full Access Storage to enjoy this service.

We are currently offering early-bird specials for people that would like to reserve space this month for the upcoming season.