The Art of Detailing

Rehab Detailing goes Beyond traditional Detailing

Everyone loves a clean car and a thorough detailing will get you pretty close. But getting the vehicle clean is just the beginning of what we consider a proper detailing job. High-end automotive detailing is a system of carefully refined techniques, top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art products that produce incredible results for long lasting beauty and protection of your vehicle's paint and other surfaces.  This goes way beyond traditional detailing.

Our process begins with discussing the vehicle and your goals for it. If it’s a new car in need of protection, a few years old in need of a refresher or more than a few years old in need of some restoration, we are able to assess your needs as well as the needs of the vehicle and come up with a custom tailored plan that will give you the exact results you’re looking for, or hopefully even better!


Read on to see the breakdown of the various steps and the most utilized packages or feel free to call or message us to schedule your personalized consultation.

The Process

High End Automotive Detailing can be broken down into 3 sections:

Step 1:


Detailing by itself is the washing and cleaning of the exterior, interior, wheels and even the engine bay.  With our specialized swirl-free car wash, your car will look significantly better than any automated car wash and will be washed in a safe manner that won't use harsh chemicals or create marring in the paint.  This is just the starting point for a total detailing system that will leave your vehicle looking better then brand new for years to come!  

Step 2:

polishing and Paint Correction

The 2nd part of the overall process is to fix the defects in the surface of the paint.  Unlike most quickie shops, we never use any fillers to smooth the surface of the paint.  We fix the paint’s clarity by removing the damaged layers of clear coat to make a permanent impact in the beauty of the paint. This process removes the various defects such as micro marring, rids, oxidation, etc...  With those defects removed, the clarity of the paint will be improved exponentially and you will be able to see the vehicles truest color. Polishing will remove the most visible defects for budget-friendly gloss enhancement. Paint Correction is a more involved process that will eliminate as many defects as can be safely removed leaving the paint in its most beautiful state.  Once the vehicle's paint has been refined, a strong protection should be chosen in order to protect the paint from being damaged again.

Step 3:


This is the most critical step.  It can save hours and hours of future cleaning and detailing, provide a brilliant finish and add a true measurable and lasting value to the vehicle. There are three aspects to consider when choosing a coating for your freshly polished vehicle; Protection, Longevity and Appearance. While new cars can certainly benefit from Paint Protection Film, ceramic glass coatings offer a more economical and comprehensive protection that can be layered for years and years of protection, gloss and ease of maintenance. The Ceramic Pro coating system offers a multi-year warranty against light scratches, UV damage and corrosion and have amazing clarity, brilliance and luster. We will walk through the different options with you and show you why we believe that Ceramic Pro will surpass all of your expectations for total car care.


Step 1 - Detailing

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