Stasis Tuned Audi R8 V10

May 2014

This stunning Audi R8 V10 has a Stasis package installed that increases engine output to 615hp. It was ordered from the factory with the Blades body colored to the Phantom Black Pearl Effect, while the wheels were finished in a Matte Charcoal. The front bumper, mirrors and side skirts have a 3M protective vinyl over them. The hood's vinyl was removed for polishing and has since been replaced.

Unfortunately, this car had suffered serious damage to its paint when a well-meaning person (not the owner) wiped sawdust off the bare and dry paint. So with only 5K miles on the clock it needed very extensive paint correction to restore it to its original beauty. We took it a step or two further though, not only does it look better and have more luster then it did originally, but the paint has been sealed with 22ple vx-1 Ceramic Glass Sealant which will protect the paint and help keep it clean for 2 years and longer with proper maintenance.

The wheels were also removed and thoroughly cleaned and sealed with the high temperature 22ple vm-1, as were the brake calipers. All of the clear vinyl pieces were polished as well. The engine bay and interior didn’t require too much attention. The leather was conditioned and glass, gauges and exposed carbon fiber were all cleaned up. The owner is very happy to have his car back the way it should be and has changed his mind about moving on to something new.

Photography: Matt Best Photography




Applying the coating