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We specialize in complete automotive restyling and protection for high end cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles.  From detailing to complete color change wraps to air ride suspension, we offer only the very best products and service that are available anywhere. Our cars have been featured at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concourse, the SEMA show, the DuPont Registry and many other notable magazines and events. We have been designing and building the most beautiful and elegant award-winning cars and bikes for over 2 decades. Look through our website or scheulde a consultation to see what the best options are to help you achieve your goals for your vehicle. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Let us show you how protecting your new car will not only make it more beautiful, but will keep it that way for years to come with a combination of products like Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Glass Coatings and Window Tint


Our extensive process of paint correction can bring any vehicle to a higher level of gloss then when it was new! We can also refinish wheel, interiors and just about any other part that needs to be beautiful.


For the ultimate new look we offer award winning design consultation and installation of full color change Vinyl Wrap, Custom Wheels, Carbon Fiber/ Aero Installation and air-ride suspension systems.

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Welcome To The Lifestyle


The automotive Lifestyle is different in every corner of the world, but one thing doesn't change: we like to drive our cars and we like them to look their best. We at Rehab Detailing embody a certain lifestyle and we invite you to embrace it. Gone are the days of stressing over paint swirls, road damage and rock chips to your car. Protecting your vehicle will help it look better and stay cleaner, allowing you to focus on what you love: Driving. This is just the beginning of how we can help you enjoy your ride more. Come experience part of the lifestyle at one of our events.



Our process - how we get ridiculous results

High level detailing and paint correction is a multi-step procedure. We break down our process into each of it’s progressive steps to allow for a better understanding of what goes into each of our detailing packages. It can get a little overwhelming but we are happy to help you select the best options to achieve the desired goals for your vehicle.


Why Ceramic Pro is the best

Ceramic Pro is the number one nano-ceramic coating for paint protection in the industry today. With 10+ different coatings formulated for varying surfaces, Ceramic Pro can coat and protect just about every aspect of your vehicle. After coating, your car's paint will look better, clean faster and stay protected longer than with any other paint coating product, guaranteed.



New Car Protection

New Car prep is a compilation of coatings and protective films designed to enhance and protect your new vehicles appearance. We will show the various ways to protect your new or new-to-you vehicle allowing you to drive it without worrying about rock chips, salt, bad weather, mineral deposit or any contamination that would normally cause your paint and interior to become aged and dull.


Custom design Consultation

The real beauty of your ride is hiding under all the paint imperfections. The usual suspects like micromarring from improper washing, orange peal, sanding marks and water spots are why your car no longer looks brand new. Our process of paint correction will remove these imperfections in your paint and release the true luster and beauty permanently.

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