How to protect your new vehicle

There are plenty of problems that can befall a vehicle as we drive them everyday. Highway driving and car washes are the worst offenders at taking that brand new car and making it look, well, not so brand new anymore. Paint Protection Film (PPF) has come a long way in the last several years and offers an extremely clear, resilient barrier that will keep your car looking new despite having rocks impacting the front end at 70+ MPH. For the rest of the vehicle a coating of Ceramic Glass will last for years and prevent contaminates from sticking to the surface. This will make washing significantly easier which believe it or not, actually helps keep the surface looking its best! We have several products that can be used to protect all of the parts of your vehicle, inside and out. Follow along with the next couple of pages for more information or feel free to book a consultation appointment and we can help custom tailor the services that will be of the most benefit for you.

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Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a Nano-Ceramic Glass coating that offers permanent protection and is several times harder then typical clear coat. There are nearly a dozen products that are used to protect everything from the interior to the paint to the wheels.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is used to offer a clear resilient barrier from rock chip damage in the high impact areas of your vehicle. We have options from covering the front bumper to covering the entire vehicle.

Window Tint

Of course window tint looks cool, but with the Ceramic Film that we offer, your vehicle’s interior will stay cool and be protected from harmful UV damage.

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